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It’s been a while since I last posted, and I have a lot to talk about. This post will be a selection of information relating to the projects progress. So, let’s just jump into it.

Project Progress

The project has seen a lot of progress over the past month. Most of the puzzles have been put into their appropriate levels. These levels each incorporate progression to allow the user to understand how the puzzles work.

I’ve also been able to create some new puzzles from the designers specification. The first of these new puzzles is a door puzzle. The idea is to rotate the rings to line up the colours in order to open up the door. This can be seen in the video below.

This puzzle was made using a simple script and the CircularDrive component from the SteamVR package. The script checks the rings rotation to see if it is at the right degrees. If it is, it sets the next ring to active and disables all interactions with the current ring.

The other puzzle I created was a shapes puzzle. The idea is to have multiple half shapes hidden around the level. The player then needs to find these pieces and put them together to form a “key”. The key is then put into a keyhole to deactivate a lock. The puzzle in play can be seen below

The way this puzzle works is as follows:

  • The piece calls to the shape manager to check if its able to connect to the piece its touching
  • If it can connect, it then snaps into place
  • This object is now complete and can be placed into the appropriate hole to complete the section of the puzzle
  • When all sections are complete, the puzzle is done.


At this time, Level 1 and 2 have completed their implementation stage. Some testing needs to be done to ensure that everything works as intended, but they should be moving into the polishing stage in the next week or so.

Level 3 and 4 have had their initial design completed, but require me to go into them to make sure that the puzzle logic works appropriately.

Out of all the levels, Level 1 is the most polished and is built on the beachhead of the island. the player progresses through this level completing the puzzles and then enters the doorway to transition to Level 2. Level 1 can be seen in the video below.

Level 1 Completion


Level 2 is getting there, but still has some prototyping assets within it. This level is built on multiple platforms to add some variation in height to the level. The idea is to have the player jump off the platform to go to the next level when they complete all the puzzles.

Screen shots of level 2 can be seen below.

Level 2 Completion


Level 3 has the majority of the main parts completed. The idea behind this level is to have a boat which you must move between the islands as its your only transport method onward. You can do this by shooting the balloons holding up parts of the environment.

This level needs some more environmental detail in it. It also requires a couple of test playthroughs  to ensure that it works as intended.

Level 3 Completion


Soon we will have the store pages set up to allow for more publicity of the game. I hope you enjoyed this update and if you ever want to chat about games, game development or VR development, hit me up on Twitter.

Ethan Bruins

Ethan Bruins

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